Short Sale Realtors in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

There are many types of realtors in South Jersey, but when you are thinking of working with a short sale, it is imperative to work directly with a “Certified Distressed Property Expert” or more commonly known as, CDPE Realtor.  Currently there are many properties for sale in Mount Laurel, however, short sale properties are very unique.

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Currently, there are 48 homes for sale in Mount Laurel, which are short sale properties.  These homes are distressed listings where the homeowner is behind on the mortgage (and most likely other items as well).  Before purchasing a short sale, one of the best questions to ask your Mount Laurel realtor is “Are you a CDPE agent?”  By working directly with a CDPE Realtor, you can have the confidence that they have had the training and offer the experience that not every licensed realtor can offer.

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Short sale properties for sale in Mount Laurel are unique because there is a lot that goes into them.  Not only are you working with the owner, but you ultimately need the approval of any lien holders prior to getting the property yourself.  If the realtor you have chosen specializes in short sales in Mount Laurel, then you are at least navigating the process with much more than the average buyer.

If you would like more information on getting information on Short Sale properties currently for sale in Mount Laurel, click here.


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