Short Sales in Wilton’s Corner

With many homes sitting on market month after month, it is exciting to see a home that goes under contract in less than 30 days!  This home was an estate sale in Wilton’s Corner and we had lots of appointments with interested buyers.  In fact, we even got 3 offers on the property, allowing us to give the seller many options.  In Wilton’s corner there are also quite a few short sales for that savvy investor.

Welcome to Wilton’s Corner, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Winslow Township. This 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath is located on a quiet cul-de-sac and features a finished basement as well as a 2-car garage.

Wiltons Corner, Winslow Township, Sicklerville Realtor, 6 haystack court

Step into the home, and notice the soaring ceilings and brick fireplace. The kitchen pours into the dining room, perfect for entertaining.

6 haystack court, sicklerville, sicklerville realtor, wiltons corner


The main bedroom is on the main level and has its own full bath. Also, on the main level, there is an extra room that could be a nursery or office. Upstairs, you will find 3 large bedrooms with a full bath as well.

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If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Wilton’s Corner, it is best to find a realtor who knows an specializes in the neighborhood and more specifically short sales.  Our team specializes in Wilton’s Corner and would love to help you and your family with your next home.  Feel free to check out our reviews of other families who we have helped in the community.

There are several homes currently for sale in Wilton’s Corner and the inventory is changing every day.

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Short Sales in Laurel Creek

Laurel Creek is an Orleans built neighborhood in Mount Laurel consisting of condos and townhomes.  The condo units features 2 bedrooms with 1-2 bathrooms.  Some of these Laurel Creek units feature lofts with outdoor balconies.  The first floor units feature outdoor porches.  On the other side of the development, Laurel Creek also has townhomes with garages.  Depending on your families needs, Laurel Creek in Mount Laurel, New Jersey can be a great community.

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Here are all of the homes including the short sales currently listed for sale in Laurel Creek, Mount Laurel

1. 1707A Yarmouth Lane

2. 307 Trescott Place

3. 2607A Yarmouth Lane

4. 101 Pertwood Court

5. 2307A Yarmouth Lane

6. 4507A Fenwick

7. 2202B Yarmouth Lane

8. 1608B Yarmouth Lane

9. 1408B Yarmouth Lane

10. 907 Yarmouth Lane

11. 15 Langcliffe Court

12. 142 Sandhurst Court

13. 13 Langcliffe Court

14. 24 Langcliffe Court

These are just a few of the short sales in Laurel Creek.  However, the inventory is constantly changing.  To always have the most up to date search as to what is on market, click here.

For more information on selling your home via short sale in Laurel Creek and what it is worth, click here.

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What do I need to apply for a short sale in South Jersey?

If you are a South Jersey homeowner who is behind on your mortgage you may qualify for a short sale. A short sale can be completed if the homeowner had experienced a financial hardship and can no longer sell the home for more than what they owe on the home.

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In South Jersey, there are many homes listed for sale, and some even advertised as short sales. However, not all homes qualify for a short sale, and if you are considering listing your home for sale as a short sale, you should make sure that the realtor you have chosen to work with is a Certified Distressed Property Expert, or more commonly, a CDPE. These realtors have undergone extensive training in these types of transactions, and will be able to help you in selling your home via short sale in South Jersey.

Before getting started, there are a few items that you will need:

Two months most recent mortgage statements (all mortgages)
Two months checking account statements (all borrowers if separate)
Two months savings account statements (all borrowers if separate)
Two months other account statements (all borrowers if separate)
Last two paycheck stubs (all borrowers)
Two years tax returns
IRS Form 4506 Request for Copy of Tax Return
Hardship Letter
Financial worksheet (basically a list of all of your monthly expenses vs monthly income)

Keep in mind throughout the transaction you will need to make sure that your CDPE realtor is up to date with pay stubs as well as bank balances that are never more than 30 days old.

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For more specific information on qualifying for a short sale in South Jersey, make sure to reach out directly to a CDPE Realtor.

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Short Sale Realtors in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

There are many types of realtors in South Jersey, but when you are thinking of working with a short sale, it is imperative to work directly with a “Certified Distressed Property Expert” or more commonly known as, CDPE Realtor.  Currently there are many properties for sale in Mount Laurel, however, short sale properties are very unique.

short sale south jersey, south jersey real estate, south jersey investors, alex charfen, jessica holtzman

Currently, there are 48 homes for sale in Mount Laurel, which are short sale properties.  These homes are distressed listings where the homeowner is behind on the mortgage (and most likely other items as well).  Before purchasing a short sale, one of the best questions to ask your Mount Laurel realtor is “Are you a CDPE agent?”  By working directly with a CDPE Realtor, you can have the confidence that they have had the training and offer the experience that not every licensed realtor can offer.

short sale south jersey, cdpe, short sale realtor, mount laurel short sale, jessica holtzman

Short sale properties for sale in Mount Laurel are unique because there is a lot that goes into them.  Not only are you working with the owner, but you ultimately need the approval of any lien holders prior to getting the property yourself.  If the realtor you have chosen specializes in short sales in Mount Laurel, then you are at least navigating the process with much more than the average buyer.

If you would like more information on getting information on Short Sale properties currently for sale in Mount Laurel, click here.


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Short Sales in South Jersey during the holiday season

So, we have heard it all before, that Spring is the best time to sell a home in South Jersey. In a recent report from April 2013 according to MSN Real Estate, this apparently is a myth.

This year, Zillow conducted some reports as well, and determined that November, December and January are the BEST times to list a home for sale.  “It’s a  supply-and-demand issue,” Brendon DeSimone, a real-estate agent who appears on HGTV, wrote at the Zillow blog. “Most sellers assume buyers aren’t seriously looking during this prolonged holiday season. And yet, many buyers are looking at properties in person and online right up until Christmas Eve. If the right home goes on the market in mid-December, a serious buyer — and there will be a lot of them — will take note.”

christmas home, homes for sale in mount laurel, south jersey real estate, mount laurel realtor, listing your home for sale at christmas

This is good news to many home owners how have been sitting on the fence, not sure if they should wait until spring for fear that their home will not go under contract.  According to the Examiner, there are plenty of reasons why the holidays are a great time to list your home for sale, especially in South Jersey:

1. Less Competition –

Many homeowners in South Jersey will wait to list their home in the spring, along with everyone else.  Having your home listed for sale during these holiday months can bring you more buyers and less competition from your neighbors (who will be patiently waiting until the spring).  This can also bring you more money from your home with more serious prospects.

2. Homes Decorated for the Holidays –

homes for sale in december, south jersey real estate, christmas home, mount laurel real estate, south jersey real estate

There is something to be said about the cheer of the holidays.  Homes decorated with Christmas trees, lights, and a light coating of snow are very nostalgic for many families looking to purchase a home in South Jersey.  When prospective buyers are looking for homes in South Jersey during the holidays, they are thinking of the memories they will make here as they share the holidays with family.  Have you ever noticed when you have looked at homes yourself and you said, “Won’t it be great to have parties here in this yard?”  Well, with holiday decorations, there is the same result, only more significant.

3.  Calendar Years

When we consider corporate transfers and relocations into South Jersey, most corporations will move employees in January.  They do not have the ability to wait until spring.  Many people will want to move within South Jersey in January, allowing things to follow a calendar year.  Keeping things simple for many buyers makes many settlements pour into January.  Also, with this, it allows you as the new buyer the ability to now have more homes to choose from in South Jersey during the spring as you start to look for your next home.


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